dijous, 26 de maig de 2011

Trip to London

I take a Ryanair plane to London. I leave on a Wednesday, 1st June. The prize of the ticket is 47,99 euros. I leave from Girona airport at 10:40 and I arrive to London at 11:45.
I stay in London for three days.

1st DAY: I  went to the hotel Royal Garden with my boyfriend. Then we had our dinner. It was delicious. We were very tire so we slepped.
The second day: We travelled by underground After that we went to west village it's very beautiful.
At night we went to visit London Bridge. At night the view of the london bridge it's marvellous. We went back at 12:00AM.
 We lived there for four days and we visited most beautiful places the London like: westfield shopping centre, Big ben etc.
Last we went back Spain. It was a amazing trip.

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